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Belfiore, a fragrance inspired by one of Oman's hidden treasure, Wakan. A village that has a breathtaking scene up in the sky with a scene that evokes a sense of tranquility and serene. Wakan is famous for it’s palms, floral trees and apricots. Belfiore is a blooming fresh delicate fragrance that opens up with a sweet powdery and floral essence blended with a fruity touch of apricots and suede

Belfiore is crafted with a masterful blend of sweet, powdery notes wreathed in floral essence, reminiscent of the abundant floral trees adorning Wakan. This initial bouquet is subtly tinged with a hint of succulent apricots, mirroring the village's famed fruit. A whisper of suede adds an unexpected but harmonious complexity, grounding the ethereal floral and fruit notes with its rich, velvety undertones.

This fragrance is a tribute to the enchanting beauty of Wakan, encapsulating its tranquility and lush flora in every drop. Belfiore is not merely a perfume, but an experience - a journey through the serene landscapes of Wakan, a celebration of its exquisite natural palette.

Surrender to the allure of Belfiore, and let it transport you to the serene heights of Wakan. With Belfiore, you don't just wear a fragrance; you wear a piece of Oman's hidden paradise. It's an invitation to experience the sublime tranquility and unspoiled beauty of Wakan, captured in an elegant bottle.

Experience Belfiore - an ode to the serene, the tranquil, and the beautiful

October 2020

Carrots and apricot

Osmanthus and gardenia

Suede, oakmoss and honey

Marie Salamagne

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