OMANLUXURY is an independent perfume house founded in 2012 after the encounter between Muatasim, Muadh, and Ahmed. Together, they began their quest to create a true olfactory expression of Oman, using the finest ingredients to highlight every aspect of Oman’s culture and heritage in an artistic way of combining authenticity and modernity, resulting in a range of exquisite and bespoke scents


The aromatic heritage of Oman’s culture surrounds the brand with passion and inspiration for reflecting the country through a unique aspect of its DNA. From sourcing local raw materials to working with local talents and elite noses in the niche industry, the brand embodies as its heart and soul, and presents it as a state of art


Muatasim Al Hinai

Managing Director

Ahmed Al Esry

General Manager

Muadh Al Sinawi

Marketing Director

Muatasim's early connection with business was deeply rooted in his family's background, fostering his innate interest in entrepreneurship. During his formative years, he embarked on an independent venture from his home, retailing an array of products including perfumes and agarwood. Driven by a resilient self-belief and an aptitude for nurturing valuable relationships, Muatasim envisioned a larger scope for his efforts. His aspiration was to not only attain independence but to ascend as a trailblazing leader in his cherished field.

From his earliest days, Ahmed's proclivities gravitated toward the realms of art, literature, and the natural world. In his youth, his affinity for drawing became a paramount outlet for conveying his thoughts and emotions. His propensity for self-directed learning blossomed as he delved into vintage literature, savored classical melodies, and undertook the disassembly of devices. Although he initially pursued studies in information technology during his adolescence, Ahmed's ardor for unbounded creativity led him down a different path. Crafting novel fragrances now encapsulates an exhilarating expedition for him—a true manifestation of inspiration through the medium of art.

During his formative years, Muadh played an active role in his father's computer emporium, sowing the seeds of his affinity for engaging with people and refining his design acumen. Through dedicated self-teaching, he meticulously honed his artistic design skills, eventually translating them into a source of livelihood. As he advanced into his youth, Muadh's pursuit of education paralleled his deepening understanding of marketing strategies. Infused with meticulous attention to detail, he embraces the opportunity to etch his signature as a testament to excellence and significance.


One of our most important undertakings is to identify and align our work with quality and preserve it to be consistent. The quality of our products begins with how we source IFRA standard raw materials and manufacture the end product through ISO and GMP standards

With every quest in Oman’s nature, a new inspiration is discovered, punctuated by encounters and discussions on how to create a twist of authenticity with a touch of modernity and present it as a unique essence from Oman to the world.

A remarkable experience awaits once you step into our stores. The cozy atmosphere and the elegance of the details draw your attention to the center table, which showcases a collection of beautiful fragrance bottles in a unique presentation.
An experience that teleports you to the wonders of Oman where you can see the scenery, feel the essence and dwell into the fragrance ingredients, that are inspired from Oman.