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تجسيد فريد لظفار، أرض البخور وتراثها المعطر. زافار عطر يتمحور في نقل أرث صناعة البخور المحلي في جنوب عمان بطابعها العطري الذي يتمحور حول مكونات أساسية كالبخور والعود والمسك والتوابل. هو عطر أخذ لمحة من هذا الإرث العتيق، وأضيف إليه افتتاحية حمضية زهرية لخلق توازنٍ عطريٍ جذاب وحديث

تاريخ التدشين
يناير 2023

مقدمة العطر
البرغموت، الفلفل الوردي والورد

قلب العطر
زهرة زنبق الوادي، الياسمين، اللبان العماني، السوسن، زهر البرتقال والقرفة

قاعدة العطر
الفانيلا، التونكا، خشب الصندل، المسك، البتشولي، العنبر، الطحلب، نجيل الهند والعود

بيير قيروس

Customer Reviews

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Zafar is amazing fragrance! It features fruity and citrus notes and beautiful incense from Oman. All this with a subtle sweetness of vanilla and hints of natural oud.


Zafar to me is a tribute to Arabic perfumery, melding classic Eastern ingredients including incense, spices and oud wood. The real star of Zafar should come as no surprise given how I started this caption, it’s all about Frankincense. The unmistakable complex scent of the Boswellia tree’s gum resin (Frankincense) is the heart of Zafar, delivering its unique mix of balsamic, earthy, piney and sweet notes in spades. But while Frankincense is foundational to Zafar, the way it is blended with other notes including fruits, florals, spices, earthiness and woods takes it to the next level.

If you are looking for a very high quality perfume tribute to the history of Oman and the spice trade of years past, I can think of no better fragrance to recommend.


عطر عود بتوليفة فخمة ومبتكرة

Jon Snow

To me it opens with a bright almost vegetal sweetness, maybe from the apple and sparkle of citrus. The oud comes through underneath with a touch of funk at this stage mixing with the moss. The sweeter sparkle stays nicely over it, balancing it all out. As it gets to about 10mins the florals start to peek through, although I don't pick out anything specific. As it goes over the hour the frankincense shines through more with the woods. Also I get something a little like saffron with the apple and oud give it that nice bandage hint. After maybe 3hours the moss grows nicely and the grapefruit seems to be more noticeable with the patchouli. The moss, musks and vetiver then dominate long into the drydown with the smooth woods and a resinous sweetness. Also many many hours in the orange blossom comes through into it.

This isn't a first wear madly in love one, it's really quite unique and unusual to my nose. To us fragheads, that's catnip, couldn't stop smelling and trying it. It will take many more wears to be able to do true justice. It evolves and changes, it's a journey and I really do enjoy it now. I couldn't even compare it to anything to really give you an idea, maybe in the early parts a touch of The Promise but not for long, that will be the oud and apple. It's one I'd definitely say you need to sample but yes I really did like this one.